Geoffrey McGowen at workSeemingly small actions can have big consequences. For example, in 2015 Geoffrey McGowen volunteered to provide free tetanus vaccinations to South Carolinians affected by flooding from storms fed by Hurricane Joaquin. Those vaccinations prevented an influx of emergency care and potential acute tetanus cases that could have resulted from contaminated water and soil, saving the community additional consequences from what was already a devastating situation.

While much of Geoffrey’s career has been spent in emergency rooms and trauma settings offering a high level of care on acute cases, he has spent a large amount of time, too, on preventative and Primary care that, like those vaccines, save a lot of trouble in the long run.

As a staff RN at St. Dominic Hospital, Geoffrey provided general medical screenings, administration of medications and blood products, coordinating imaging studies and laboratory testing, and follow-up care that helped his patients maintain their health. When Geoffrey worked as a Nurse Practitioner in South Carolina, he would diagnose routine ailments and prescribe appropriate therapies and medications, but also educated patients in how they could best maintain their health. That might mean more regular exercise, quitting smoking, or referrals to physical therapists or specialists who could help them lead healthier lives.

Taking small steps to maintain your health can make a big difference. Starting your day with a walk each morning before work, giving up meat one day a week, taking meditations as they areprescribed, or taking pre-natal vitamins are all examples of ways you can work to maintain your health before you get sick or a condition worsens. Other health maintenance tips include regular wellness visits with your doctor or nurse practitioner to have your cholesterol and blood pressure checked, undergoing recommended cancer screenings, flu shots, vaccine updates, and to inquire about any symptoms you may be experiencing.

Geoffrey has spent over a decade in the healthcare field, working throughout the Southeast, and has seen first hand how being mindful of your health now can prevent the need for acute and emergency care down the road!